"Sayōnara' Heihachi Mishima " Jacob is a new character to the Tekken series.


Jacob was born on May 10th 1996 in Texas. As he turns 15 he plunged himself into the King Of Iron Fist tournament 7 to defeat his rivial Kazuya Mashima and take over the tekken force. He is what they called the key to destroying the devil gene whin him Jin and Kazuya.

Life before the King Of Iron Fist TournamentEdit

He devoted to his girlfriend and his life after his father passed away of a heart attack. He lives with his girlfriend and her parents.

Fighting StyleEdit

He was trained by none other than Jin Kazama and also carrying his own thunder fist and thunder kick.


Jin Kazama/Trianer

Paul Pheniox/Friends since they first met

Forrest Law/Chinese friend

Panda/Really friendly

Ling Xaioyu/Respectful to her

Yoshimitsu/Long time friend

Asuka Kazama/Girlfriend

Eddy Gordo/Now great friends use to be rivials


Kuma/Really gets on Jacob's nerves

Heihachi Mishima/Old rivial